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The smile is universally understood to be the most observed facial expression among all people. As a result, it allows a deep understanding of one’s emotional state or personality. A beautiful smile can yield several advantages in life such as confidence, positive energy, affability, and sociability. In many ways, the smile can speak volumes to one’s character and be a window to your soul. Therefore, a smile can prove to be an asset for success in several aspects of life.

An attractive smile can also be synonymous with good overall health and a healthy lifestyle. Dentistry allows the use of science and technology to be bridged with the visual arts to create beautiful smiles. At Brickell Dental and Aesthetics we create the most beautiful smiles that also maintain proper function. Furthermore, Dr. Melissa Quintana understands and respects that the smile is one aspect of the entire face and must be harmonious with its other features of expression. With her Dental Lab Technicians, she is able to create the most admired smiles for her patients that balance all these factors to achieve the best results for her patients.

‘Smile design’ or ‘Hollywood Smile Makeovers’ were typically only attainable by the wealthiest people. Dr. Quintana with her team, however, has created a delivery of service that allows these same beautiful smile creations to be much more affordable and therefore not just for the rich and famous.

With our office located on Brickell Avenue, our location is conveniently located to the Miami Airport for out of state and international patients, and also several hotel options right in our neighborhood.

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If you are interested in finding out more about a Smile Makeover? Call our Miami, FL office to schedule a consultation at (305) 377-8004.

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